Monopoly Go Vaults Guide

Monopoly Go Vaults

Vaults are an important part of Monopoly Go, but most players don’t quite understand what they are yet. So this guide will show you everything you need to know about Monopoly Go Vaults!

What Are Monopoly Go Vaults?

The Vault in Monopoly Go is like a treasure chest, filled with rewards that enhance your gaming experience. Inside, you can find a variety of items including extra dice, coins, and sometimes special tokens or power-ups that give you an edge in your game.

Where To Find Monopoly Go Vaults?

To find the Stickers for Rewards section, players need to click on Albums and then tap on the small safe in the lower right corner of the screen. These safes can be opened every 24 hours!

How To Open Monopoly Go Vaults?

Vaults are special reward boxes that you can open if you have a certain amount of stars. In the current format of the game, there are three vaults to choose from as follows:

Orange Vault – 250 Stars. Contains 170-230 free dice rolls and one three star pink sticker pack
Blue Vault – 500 Stars. Contains 300-420 free dice rolls and one four star blue sticker pack
Pink/Gold Vault – 800 Stars. Contains 425-575 free dice rolls, one four star blue sticker pack and two five star purple sticker packs

Stars are just a conversion of duplicate stickers. You get one star for each star value of every sticker that you have as a duplicate, except gold stickers, their star value is worth double the amount of their star value. There are many ways to get duplicate stickers, such as trading with others, buying Monopoly Go Stickers, and more!

Which Monopoly Go Vaults Is Worth Opening?

The most important thing to remember about vaults is to only buy the most expensive ones. There is so much more value in the pink/gold 800 star vault than the others. However, it’s advised that players don’t rush to open the Pink Vault and wait for the right moment.

The best time to buy the Pink Vault is when you’ve completed most of the Sticker Album and are only down to Golden Cards. The 5-Star Golden stickers are the hardest to collect and since the Pink Vault promises a new sticker each time, players shouldn’t waste this opportunity. It’s also worth a shot at trying to open the Pink Vault during a Sticker Boom event since it increases the number of sticks players can get when they open a sticker pack. Last, you should use up Stars before the Sticker Album ends, as all unused Stars will be wiped when a new Sticker Album begins.

Now that you know everything about Vaults in Monopoly GO. If you have any questions, write to us in comments.