Conquer Abattoir of Zir: Diablo 4 Gear and Build Guide

Diablo 4 has unleashed a thrilling new endgame challenge with the Abattoir of Zir dungeon. This in-depth article will explore the strategies and builds that can help you dominate these formidable foes, including using the game-changing Tears of Blood glyph.

The Game-Changer: Tears of Blood Glyph

The Tears of Blood glyph is pivotal in conquering Diablo 4’s endgame. This powerful glyph can be socketed into the Paragon board, offering significant damage multipliers. At level 6, for instance, it provides a staggering 92.6% damage boost, pivotal in achieving nearly 800 million damage in the Abattoir of Zir dungeon.

Optimizing Gear and Builds

The right equipment is crucial in Diablo 4’s endgame. Many players choose to improve their power buy “Diablo 4 buy items“. Here are some key gear recommendations:

  1. Helmet: While the Shaco is a great find, alternative helmets offer solid damage multipliers and defensive passives.
  2. Chest Armor: Look for armor with high resistance and damage reduction. The Disobedience aspect is beneficial for additional armor while attacking.
  3. Gloves: Prioritize strength, attack speed, and skills like Hammer of Ancients. The Acceleration aspect is recommended here.
  4. Pants: Tibault’s Will is a great choice, offering damage multipliers and resource regeneration.
  5. Boots: Focus on movement speed and uncapped resistances. The Relentless Berserking aspect helps extend berserking duration.
  6. Weapons: For two-handed bludgeoning weapons, prioritize strength, overpower damage, and berserking boosts. The EarthStriker’s aspect is a new addition that significantly influences your build.

Skill and Strategy Guide

In terms of skills and play strategy, here are some pointers:

  • Start with Whirlwind, followed by Hammer of Ancients for optimized attack speed.
  • Weapon swapping triggers the EarthStriker’s aspect, offering to overpower multipliers.
  • Focus on stats like strength, overpower damage, and berserking for both dual-wield and two-handed weapons.
  • Utilize the Banished Lord’s Talisman to overpower after spending primary resources.
  • Ensure your build has critical strike chances and a high attack power, preferably around 40k.

The Paragon Board and Skill Points

Navigating the Paragon Board effectively is key. Prioritize physical damage, life nodes, and armor. Use the Ire glyph for damage boosts while berserking and the new Tears of Blood glyph for further enhancements. Manage your fury efficiently, and focus on skills that amplify damage based on fury.


Dominating Diablo 4’s endgame requires a blend of the right gear, strategic use of the Paragon board, and optimized skills. The Tears of Blood glyph is a game-changer, significantly boosting damage output. Following these recommendations, players can tackle even the toughest dungeons, like the Abattoir of Zir, making their mark in the Diablo 4 universe.