Diablo 4: Exploit the Legendary Farm Glitch After Patch 1.0.4

Diablo 4, the latest installment in the iconic Diablo series, has been a hit among gamers since its release. Its immersive gameplay and intricate mechanics offer a thrilling experience for seasoned and new players. However, with the recent Patch 1.0.4, several changes have been introduced that have affected the game’s dynamics. One of these changes is the Legendary Farm Glitch, which has been a hot topic among the Diablo 4 community. This article will delve into this glitch and how you can exploit it after the patch.

Patch 1.0.4: What’s New?
Patch 1.0.4 brought several bug fixes and gameplay adjustments to Diablo 4. Notably, bosses’ damage output has decreased, and their health has also been reduced. The cap limit has been raised, and Hell Tides chests now officially drop unique items. These changes have significantly impacted the game’s dynamics, particularly in terms of farming for legendaries and XP. These glitches affect the gaming experience of those Diablo 4 boosting buy players.

The Legendary Farm Glitch: What Is It?
The Legendary Farm Glitch is a method that allows players to farm for legendary items efficiently. This glitch involves traveling to Korbach and heading toward the tunnels located on the left side. Once inside the dungeon, the objective is to rescue hostages. After freeing them, players can progress to the next level, where they will encounter a large group of enemies. This is an excellent spot to farm for legendaries, especially if you’re not able to do the side quests.

How to Exploit the Glitch
To exploit the glitch, follow these steps:

Enter the Dungeon: Travel to Korbach and enter the tunnels on the left side. Once inside, rescue the hostages to progress to the next level.

Farm for Legendaries: The next level is filled with a large group of enemies. This is an excellent spot to farm for legendaries.

Reset the Dungeon: To instantly restart the dungeon, exit by going towards the moat wheel and assigning the “leave dungeon” option. Then, exit outside of the game. Once you see the countdown on your screen, select your character and start the game. This will reset the dungeon, allowing you to farm for legendaries again.


It’s important to note that this glitch is not a replacement for nightmare farming. It is primarily for farming legendaries, although you will also benefit from the XP if you’re on the world tier or even on world tier one.

The Legendary Farm Glitch is a valuable exploit for Diablo 4 players looking to farm for legendary items efficiently. While Patch 1.0.4 has brought several changes to the game, this glitch remains unaffected and can be exploited to gain an edge in the game. However, remember to enjoy the game as it is and use such glitches responsibly.

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