How to quickly adapt to the Escape from Tarkov game

How to quickly adapt to the Escape from Tarkov game

Escape from Tarkov is not a game for everyone. She does not forgive mistakes and confronts the player with difficulties in the very first minutes of the game. How to painlessly enter Tarkov and maintain composure in any situation? We turned to two experienced players for help, who told us where to start for beginners, and how they quickly get used to this game.

Do not go to the “Factory” location in the first minutes of the game

Factory is a very compact and small map, and the density of the “population” in it of PMC fighters, petitioners (the name of people who go into the raid for side characters who are called Wilds in the game – Ed.) And bots are so high, that due to ignorance of the map, respawns of players and bots, your chance to get out alive from the Factory will be very low.

Explore the locations

First, explore all the locations in the game. You can start with one, and then move on to the next. Be sure to explore the places of loot, respawns, exits behind PMCs and petitioners. At the beginning of the journey, we would advise you to go to the Customs location. First, this map is large. There is a lot of different loot on it, and the places of battles of PMCs (private military corporations – Ed.) Can be easily bypassed. And the first quests in the game are given out at the Customs.

Another location, which is sometimes worth getting out to, is Interchange. This is the most profitable farming location. It is full of loot, which is necessary for the development of the shelter and pumping skills. Thus, you can reduce the “cooldown” of the Wilds and get, for example, a bonus in trading.

Play at the start offline

It is not as interesting to play offline as online, but it is easier to study locations, symbols on the map, and understand the behavior of bots, without fear of losing your “expensive” loot.

Play more often as the Wild

Wild – these are the local residents of “Tarkov” who decided to become bandits. The main thing is that playing as the Wild one, if you die in the raid, you will not lose anything of your main character’s items. And if you survive, you will transfer the found loot to the stash of your main character. Wild is a kind of “workhorse”. I ran through the map, collected various loot, and sold it.

Play night raids

It’s easiest to spot the Wild ones in the dark. Yes, ordinary people are not so clearly visible at night, but the Wilds are scorching, as they say, three kilometers away, since at nightfall they turn on the lantern. That is why we recommend completing quests to destroy the Savages at night.

Learn to listen and hear the enemy

You may not see the enemy, but you can always hear him. The ability to hear well is 80% of success in this game. Before playing Tarkov, get yourself a quality headset.

Before entering the raid, decide on the goal

When entering a raid, clearly understand what you need. Either you go to loot everything that is bad, or you go to kill a player who acquired loot in order to take everything he found from him, or you go to complete a certain quest. In the future, when the cache “grows fat”, there will be no shortage of money and experience, then you can combine all the goals together.

Refer to the Sherpas

Sherpas are active players who help newcomers to get used to the harsh world of Tarkov. Do not be afraid to contact such players to gain knowledge of the map. Do not run behind their backs in order to rob the dead to fill your backpack.

The Sherpa already knows and knows everything, but you need to learn from experience and learn. It is clear that you cannot learn the entire location in one raid, but remembering the key points is quite possible.

Shoot bots without aiming

Try to shoot bots from the hip at first. Yes, bots will kill you, but you do not lose anything, but you acquire a shooting skill that will be useful to you in the future. Sometimes the enemy is faster to kill without aiming, as he can be found in the most unexpected places.

Use barter to make money

Barter is a good tool for making EFT money. Everything is standard: you buy cheaper – sell more expensive. Explore the flea market and trade barter items. You can buy flash drives at a flea market for 54-57 thousand roubles and immediately sell them to a peacekeeper for 63 thousand roubles.