Tips for Priest and Difference Between Priest and Mystic in TERA

If you’re looking to be a healer in Tera, you’ve got two choose to decide between: the Priest or the Mystic. There are tons of arguments over which is better, but it’s really more about which one fits your playstyle better and what you’re looking to do in Tera. This guides can help you decide whether you’d prefer a Priest or a Mystic. Don’t forget to from to buy tera cheap gold, which is the best choice for tera gold services on the market!

Priest or Mystic: Healing
When things get rough in a group, the Priest has more options for healing and can quickly push out heavy healing. The Priest features lock-on heals and stackable AOE HoTs. These AOE HoTs are cast on the ground and anyone within them gets the effect of the spell; the placement and size of the area differs per spell. Because of this, it’s important to be aware of your location in relation to the fight at all times so that you can accurately place heals as needed.

Tips to Solo Heal Priest

Some Priests complain that their party members see they have a Priest and assume they can stop trying. The Priest is a capable AOE healer, so allies no longer feel the need to dodge because they’ll just get healed anyway. This can be a huge detriment to Priests because the time they would usually spend on micromanaging their utility is suddenly sucked away into needless healing.

tera Mystic

The Mystic has only their their lock-on heal, which also features an HoT aspect that can be very nice for sustained fights, and the hope that their party members understand how to use their Arun’s Vitae HoT motes effectively. These motes can be cast during combat, but they’re a stationary item that party members need to physically move to in order to use.

Unfortunately, many Mystics complain that in random group settings their allies don’t understand their motes; some party members excitedly grab them as soon as they’re dropped, regardless of their health situation, others don’t know that the effect is an HoT and take more than is necessary or wait until their health is too low for it to be effective, and still others ignore them completely.

This is a passive healing situation, and with these motes you sort of have to put the well-being of your party in your party’s own hands. Additionally, Arun’s Vitae motes do not scale as your character improves, so once you have your final rank of the skill, that’s as good as it will ever be, no matter how steeply your party grows in hitpoints.

Both the Priest and Mystic have the ability to dispel negative effects from their allies. Priest’s dispel with Purifying Circle which casts in a relatively large circle around them. The benefit to Purifying Circle is that the Priest is always guaranteed to be within it, so self-dispeling is easy. The Mystic, on the other hand, can only dispel themselves with their Arun’s Vitae motes or their Thall of Life pet because their dispel, Arun’s Cleansing Touch, is a lock-on spell. This also means that the Priest can dispel more targets at once than the Mystic can. Purifying Circle can hit up to 15 targets, where Arun’s Cleansing Touch can only dispel 2 or 3, depending on whether you’ve taken the Multiplicative glyph.

Me myself I see Mystic more as the “harder” healer and I think as a beginner Priest is the easier pick. But maybe it’s just me!

Most progress statics want a mystic for the extra critrate to max dps etc. But I think if you just enjoy casual playing, Priest is a very welcomed pick aswell.

I’m a main mystic currently but whenever I run with my priest it’s also a lot of fun for me. In my point of view you should play both classes to higher your skill as a healer and than you can see what u prefer. I also think it is also depending on which dungeon you are doing. In Veliks Underground Hardmode you have to go with 2 healer set up. In this case I prefer the priest role since you have more aoe heal+big shield+a very big circle aoe cleans. As a mystic your debuff (except for the crit aura which is on always anyway+contagion) is not nessessary to apply since the priest debuffs are stronger. So sometimes if you are running with a strong priest, you feel a bit unnessessary.

Some more stuff you have to be aware of :
– Always save your own ass first. If you are dead your group is dead too. So if everyone is low, first look for your own ass than heal the group. You can rez unlimited but the Damage dealer+Tank can only rezz every half hour.

– Learn the dungeons so you will also improve as a heal since you know “ok in this situation i could use kaias shield (priest) to prevent high damage” just as an example.

So your focus should always be in this order :
– Save your own ass first
– Heal your team
– Apply debuffs to the boss
– Mana support