NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 1.2.6 APK Download, Latest Update Available With New Players

In case you’re huge fan of NBA, it’s highly likely that you’ve already totally NBA LIVE Mobile game on your own Android smartphone or tablet. Today, a brand new update for that game may be released, along with the app is renamed as NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball. The improved game enables you to build your own team and defeat your opponents while connective with live NBA events throughout every season.

The latest NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 1.2.6 update includes new players, team logos, courts, and jerseys. You also get rewards with Live Events and Daily Objectives, and you will now do alley-oops to confuse your opponents. Shot coaching and feedback allows you to improve your performance, and there’s throw down dunks too now with drive enhancement. Finally, with a lot more forgiving blocks and fewer turnovers, you may get buckets easily.

So in the event you haven’t tried this exciting NBA game for Android yet or haven’t got the most recent update, it’s designed for free. The new NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball download version 1.2.6 (build 4126) is currently available in the Google Play Store. You can download the most recent NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball APK file from The file weighs 73.2 MB and conditions devices running Android 3.2 or later.

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