Runescape: What happens when my character dies?

8Gielinor isn’t all rolling pastures and cosy woods, as Lumbridge might have you believe: there are dungeons with streams of magma, tall peaks populated by wolves, the vampyre-ruled lands of Morytania, the Wilderness, and many more dangers besides. On your journeys around these lands it is likely that your character will be slain – probably many times!

This isn’t something to be too afraid of, as your character will always ‘respawn’ in perfect health (although probably missing a few items; more on that later).

Your First Death

If you are a relative newcomer to Gielinor, you will visit the home of the Grim Reaper when you die. Don’t fear the Reaper: he is surprisingly friendly and will give you pointers about dying and what to expect when it happens.


When your character dies, you will be taken to Limbo. Here, you can decide where you respawn, and what items you keep when you do. Your choice of respawn points will include:

  • Lumbridge
  • The last major city you passed through (your ‘hub’)
  • Falador Members icon, if you have completed the Recruitment DriveMembers icon quest.
  • Camelot Members icon, if you have completed the King’s RansomMembers icon quest.
  • Soul Wars Members icon, if you have completed the Nomad’s RequiemMembers icon quest.

The current list of ‘hubs’ are below. These are the cities you can respawn to when you die, so long as you passed through them recently. Only the most recently visited hub will be selectable.

  • Ardougne Members icon
  • Canifis Members icon
  • Daemonheim
  • Dorgesh-Kaan Members icon (Death to the DorgeshuunMembers icon)
  • Etceteria Members icon (The Fremennik TrialsMembers icon)
  • Edgeville
  • Keldagrim Members icon (The Giant DwarfMembers icon)
  • Lletya Members icon (Mourning’s Ends Part IMembers icon)
  • Seers’ Village Members icon
  • TzHaar City Members icon
  • Varrock
  • Yanille

Reaching your Gravestone

88Your gravestone isn’t around for long, so head back to it as quickly as you can. A timer will appear like the image to your left, showing how long you have left to get to your gravestone. You can reposition the grave timer using the grave timer HUD, accessible through Edit Mode.

If you are quick enough to get back to your gravestone in time, you can collect the rest of your belongings.

To open up the interface on the right, click on your gravestone marker. You can then choose which items to send to your inventory by clicking on their icons. You also have buttons to ‘take all’ which will send all items on your gravestone to your inventory, and ‘equip all’ that will equip all items that you had equipped previously.

As with the grave timer, you can reposition the grave interface using the grave interface HUD.

Upgrading your gravestone

To change your gravestone you’ll first need to complete The Restless Ghost. If you’ve done that, you can speak to Father Aereck in Lumbridge Church and offer a small donation to one of his charities for the following options; the more expensive gravestones will protect your items for longer before collapsing, as you can see in the ‘Duration’ column.

Note that the type of gravestone you have will not increase the length of time repairing or blessing it holds it in place.

You will retain your gravestone style until you buy a new one.