Runescape: Tutors

7As you take your first steps around RuneScape, you may not know where to begin. The world of RuneScape is large and can seem daunting, so some information or advice could come in useful.

Luckily, there are many people with useful information to offer, you just need to explore the starting area and talk to anyone you find! For further information about any skill, please read the Skill Guides.

Lumbridge is full of people eager to offer their advice. For one, it is the home of the Lumbridge Sage, who is unparalleled in his knowledge of the area. You would do well to visit him and ask about local geography and history.

Guide Others are similarly happy to help. A question mark icon on your world map, like the one to the left, represents a character who is happy to dispense advice for free about their chosen subject.

The shops in Lumbridge will also offer you free samples, as a taster of what their shop offers. This can prove invaluable if you do not have enough gold to replace a tool you had been using. The following shops all participate in this offer:

  • Bob’s Brilliant Axes
  • Lumbridge fish supplies
  • Lumbridge general store

Also, Lumbridge is home to the combat instructors: three fighting enthusiasts who are happy to impart their knowledge and let you train at their dummies and ranges. As they will tell you themselves, the practice area is no substitute for actual combat experience, and the XP you gain here will be much less than what you would gain from a fight with a walking, breathing opponent. The combat instructors can be found just north of Lumbridge Castle.

Troll Warzone

77Burthorpe is under attack from a troll army that is moving south from Death Plateau. Taking the brunt of the attack, the town has requested help from the village of Taverley and the whole area has been expanded and redesigned in an effort to fend off the trolls.

This self-sufficient community is looking for help in any form in order to come out on top. And that help doesn’t just come in the form of new warriors for the battle-front – an army needs food, supplies, armour and weaponry. Because of this, there are many tutors in the vicinity that will offer their assistance to help bring new starters up to scratch so that they can contribute to the battle against the trolls.

Tutors offer their advice and recommendations for new players to improve their skills. The describe the skill and its benefits.

The tutors are: