Runescape Recurring Membership Guide

A man just bought rs membership and have question on it, if you have also, follow this to figure out.

Runescape Recurring Membership Guide

Question:I just bought membership with my CC and was wondering what does recurring membership mean? Does the price stay 5.95 every month or does the price go up?
Answer:A recurring expense means that the expenditure is ongoing or in other words: “until one of the parties puts an end to it”. This basically means that you will remain member for as long as JaGex can take the monthly payments from your credit card. The agreement you’re taking is at a fixed price, which means it’ll be 5.95 each month. Even though JaGeX can alter this price if they want to, they’ll have to notify you before they take the payment from your credit card (which is always three days before your membership would run out) to give you the opportunity to cancel the agreement you’ve made with them considering you do no longer agree on the terms (price in this case). A warning I’d like to give with the use of a credit card to pay membership is the trouble you’ll have to go through when you lose control of your account. It’s actually harder than you think to stop the payments from being taken in case of such an event. Not sure if this applies to you but people hardly play every month of the year, usually they peak at specific times (summer vacation, christmas holiday, etc.) – if you’re someone like that you should definitely not use CC for payments because you’ll end up paying 72$ a year for 3 or 4 months you actually played on a regular basis.

Also, if by any chance you have quite a lot of money on your credit card/ bank account I would recommend not to pay your membership immediately through JaGex’s services, but rather through something like PayPal where you can put small amounts of cash onto your account by bank transfer, depending on when you want to be member and when you do not. It will also help you being more involved in the transactions for membership because you might not realise yet but monthly payments will appear to be taken off your cc much faster than you think, at a rate of 72$ a year. It’s also a lot safer than entering CC information on your computer anyway, that information gets stolen so frequently and so quickly these days.

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