Runescape: Controls

RuneScape has a very effective and efficient control system. Once you learn the various aspects of the system, using it becomes second nature.

Mouse Controls

Every single task in RuneScape can be accomplished using the mouse. To perform the default action associated with an item, move the mouse pointer over it and click the ‘action’ button. This is the left button on a two-or-more button mouse, or the button on an one-button mouse and then select the first option from the menu.

When you request for an action to be performed, a red cross will briefly appear to indicate that the request was received. You may have to wait a few moments for your character to perform the action.

Hover Information

3By hovering your mouse over something in-game, your cursor will change. For example, your cursor will change into a hand if you can use something, or it will change into a sword if you can attack it.

These icons indicate the actions that will be performed by default when you click on the object you have highlighted with your mouse. As well as the cursor changing, a pop-up will display information the name of this action.

Attackable monsters will display an additional pop-up which contains their name, life point total, level and weakness.

Right-Click Menu

33Items and objects in RuneScape have multiple actions associated with them. To view and select an alternative to the default action of an item or object, a player using a multiple button mouse should click the right mouse button, while the mouse pointer is over the item or object. A menu of other actions that can be performed on that item or with the item will be displayed. Single button mouse users are always shown this menu of options.


Traversing RuneScape can be achieved by using your mouse. For single-button mice, move the mouse to where you want to go and click the button. For mice with two or more buttons, move where you want to go and click the left mouse button. how to move.gif

If this is done correctly, your character will start moving and a small yellow ‘X’ will flash briefly on the spot where your character will stop.

You can run to a spot by holding the ‘CTRL’ key on your keyboard before clicking where you wish to move.

If you wish to move around quickly, you can set your character to run for as long as they have energy. This feature can be turned on through the option tab, or by clicking the run energy globe next to the minimap.


The world map view shows a large map of the entirety of RuneScape. On the map you will see the cities and information icons for specific locations, buildings and quest starting points.

Once the world map is loaded, you can view any area of the world map by clicking and holding down the left mouse button, and then dragging the mouse. Release the mouse button to stop scrolling once the desired area comes into view. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your view of the world map.

Keyboard Controls

The keyboard is mostly used to enter text in the chat box in order to trade or talk to other players. It is also used for shortcuts to various actions. There are several short cuts that your keyboard can offer, allowing you to open or close interfaces quickly, or activate abilities via your Action Bar.

The majority of these keys can be rebound in the controls interface.


The camera determines your viewing angle into the game. You can adjust it using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

The left arrow key rotates the camera view clockwise, while the right arrow key rotates the camera view anti-clockwise.

To adjust the viewing height of the camera, press the up arrow key to tilt the camera downwards or the down arrow key to tilt the camera upwards.

Note that there are secondary controls that can be changed from the controls interface.


Chatting in RuneScape is a major part of the game and you’ll find that there are many ways to keep in touch with your friends, organise trades or interact with other players. You can chat to those around you simply by typing into the chat box or by using the Quick Chat feature.

The chat box at the bottom of the game window shows you any messages you send or receive. If you find yourself being sent a lot of messages, you might find it useful to adjust what types of message you want to receive.

333The nine buttons along the bottom of the RuneScape screen control how you interact with the chat system.

The first eight buttons are chat controls that can be left-clicked, and will cause the chat box to only display the selected information/chat. These buttons can also be right-clicked, giving you a set of options to restrict whether or not you will receive those types of messages at all.

The flag icon, when clicked, displays the Report Abuse window, allowing you to report players who are in breach of the Rules of RuneScape.