‘Runescape’: Community Road Trip – This Week

How’d you like to win Cooler Master goodies, Bonds, and merch? Well, they’re all on offer if you take part in our Community Road Trip – the perfect accompaniment to getting your daily chits.

What’s it all about, though? Find out how can you get involved.

This week’s tasks:

  • Forum: Mods Infinity and MattHe have set you some forum tasks this week to get some of those all-important codes. Check them out in our Road Trip forum.
  •  Twitter: Check out our Twitter account. In some of our posts next week we’ll be posting a special hashtag, which is your code. Keep your eyes peeled!
  •  Snapchat: Our Snapchat account – search ‘RuneScapeGame‘ on Snapchat to find it – will be posting a code in various images we’ll put in our Snapchat Story over the course of the week. Again, keep your eyes peeled and make a note of the code!

If you missed last week, don’t worry – you can still catch up!

This Week’s Live Streams

Here’s what to expect from this week’s Developer Q&A and Community live streams:

Developer Q&A – 16:00 UTC (game time), Tuesday 12th May

Our weekly Developer Q&A gives you the chance to ask your questions, about the latest update, upcoming plans, and any other burning RuneScape-related questions you may have!

This week’s panel will include:

  • Mod Pi – Combat Specialist and Ninja
  • Mod Kelpie – RuneScape Project Manager and Head Ninja
  • Mod Rowley – Content Developer and Guardian

You can ask your questions on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA. We’ll try to get through as many as we can!

Opening 10,000 Hard Clue Scrolls – 20:00 UTC (game time), Tuesday 12th May

Continuing on from last week’s 10,000 Medium clues, Mods James and Simon this week will be opening up 10,000 Hard clue scroll caskets (5,000 each) and showing off the loot.

Check out both of these streams on our Twitch channel.