‘Runescape’ – Community Road Trip & Patch Week

This week’s all about the RuneScape Road Trip, which kicked off last Friday and is now in full swing. It offers some sweet rewards for RuneScape members – including your own, personal resource dungeon for 30 days! If you haven’t already, read the Road Trip news and get stuck in.

To run alongside your in-game adventures, the Community Team have made their own Community Road Trip – with awesome prizes, including Cooler Master PC gaming gear!

Over the course of the next four weeks, we’ll ask you to journey through our forums and social media accounts in search of codes that could spell your victory!

Essentially, you’ll need to find these and email them to us at the end of the month. We’ll give you new tasks with each week’s update news post, and the more codes you get, the more chances you’ll have to win:

Top Prize

  • Cooler Master headset, mouse and keyboard.
  • Five RS Bonds.
  • Your choice of item from our Merch Store.

Second Prize

  • Cooler Master headset.
  • Two RS Bonds.
  • Your choice of t-shirt from our Merch Store.
  • For full details of how to enter, and how the prize draws work, read the Community Road Trip forum thread.

This Week’s Tasks…

…are all about the forums, Reddit and Tumblr:

  • Mods Balance and Kalaya have some tasks for you on the Road Trip forums. Go!
  • Look out for the RS Subreddit’s team of mods. They have style, flair…and the key to one of this week’s codes.
  • We’ll be reblogging some great content from our community on Tumblr. Check the hashtag on these posts to get the code.

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