Quick Lodestone Teleports and RuneLabs With Runescape

An awesome RuneLabs idea from F D C comes to fruition today, as we bring you quick lodestone teleports. Using charges, your lodestone teleports can be made as quick as a location-specific Magic-skill teleport. Convert your vis wax to charges through its conversion interface, at a rate of 1 wax for 10 charges.

Then, you can tick the ‘Quick Charges‘ check box on the lodestone map to automatically use up charges, or manually select when to use them by right-clicking a destination and clicking ‘Quick Teleport’.

To use quick lodestone teleports, you’ll need to be a member, have unlocked the lodestone in question, and meet Magic level requirements for each:

  • Burthorpe – 5 Magic
  • Ashdale – 5 Magic
  • Taverley -10 Magic
  • Lumbridge – 10 Magic
  • Al Kharid – 15 Magic
  • Varrock – 15 Magic
  • Draynor Village – 20 Magic
  • Port Sarim – 25 Magic
  • Catherby – 30 Magic
  • Falador – 35 Magic
  • Edgeville – 40 Magic
  • Eagle’s Peak – 45 Magic
  • Canifis – 50 Magic
  • Karamja – 50 Magic
  • Seer’s Village – 55 Magic
  • Ardougne – 60 Magic
  • Yanille – 65 Magic
  • Oo’glog – 65 Magic
  • Rellekka – 70 Magic
  • Lunar – 75 Magic
  • Tirannwn – 75 Magic
  • Bandit Camp – 80 Magic
  • Wilderness – 85 Magic
  • Prifddinas – 90 Magic

Don’t forget to check out RuneLabs, if you haven’t recently, and submit your ideas for story questions to be answered in a medium-sized quest.

Enjoy some expeditious adventures this week, and get ready to explore Mazcab from next Monday’s update!

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Developer Q&A, Raids Special! | 16:00 UTC, Tuesday 7th July

Join Mods James, Pi, Kelpie and Stu on the sofa this week, as well as the Raids team! Make sure you tune in to check out an exclusive teaser for the second Raids boss, and to find out more about Mazcab, the Goebie home planet.

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Community Stream – Treasure Maps special – prizes to be won! | 20:00 UTC, Tuesday 7th July

If you’re a fan of Treasure Trails, then we’ve got something in store you’ll love. Mod James will be making bespoke map clues and getting you to find the treasure (i.e. membership and Bonds) – so get your spades out and your puzzle-solving hats on!