Path of Exile Defences attribute introduction There are amazing numerical calculationspoe currency tab

Blood volume
Each character starts with 50 lives, +1 level per level
Every point of strength can be +0.5 life
Through the equipment and talents, you can increase the “life base bonus” and “life percentage bonus %”
Life base bonus: Some equipment has +12 maximum health.
Percentage of life bonus %: +5% of health on some talents

Blood volume formula:
Maximum blood volume = (38 + (level * 12) + (power / 2) + base bonus) * (100% + percentage bonus %)

Each Poe character starts with 40 magic, and each level is +4 magic.
Every bit of wisdom can +1 magic
The initial base revival rate for each character is 105% per minute (1.75% per second)
Improve the return rate by using the aura and increasing the magic to restore the speed affix

Energy shield
In addition to the ton of damage, all damage will be deducted and then buckled.
Mixed ton damage will penetrate the shield and directly buckle life
50% chance to avoid being dizzy when the shield is not zero
When the player is not hurt for a period of time, the shield will automatically resume. The initial value of this time is 6 seconds, which can be shortened by reducing the suffix of the energy shield delay.
Automatic reply seconds formula:
600 / (100 + reduced energy shield delay %)

Armor only reduces physical damage and does not reduce elemental damage.
Armor maximum damage reduction effect is 90%
Damage Reduction = Armor / ( Armor + (10 * Damage))
The 2.0 modification is to change the original 12 to 10, which will increase the efficiency by 18% but only for the larger damage.

Dodge (Evade)
The dodge value gives the character a chance to dodge the damage, including the state of the element being subjected and the dizziness
The dodge value can only dodge the damage caused by the attack, and cannot avoid the damage caused by the spell.
The dodge chance will not be lower than 5% (in the special case, the talent will be reduced to 0), and the upper limit will be 95%.

Evade is not the same as Dodge. Here is another section and discussed with the previous paragraph.
Avoiding this ability can only be achieved by talent (migration phantom and later points) and legendary affixes.
Avoiding physics and spell avoidance, you can avoid spell damage through the spell escaping ability of talent and legend.
The dodge and dodge co-calculation is (attack):
The probability that a character can dodge an attack = 1 – ( (1 – dodge rate) * (1 – dodge rate))

There are four resistances in the game you can stock at Poe currency tab.
Fire, ice, and reactance are elemental resistance, reducing the damage to the elements
Mixed tonnage resistance can reduce the damage caused by mixed tons, but not elemental resistance
The general mode character has a basic resistance of 0%, the cruel mode is -20%, and the ruthless mode is -60%.
The basic character resistance limit is 75%, but the maximum resistance limit can be increased through aura, talent, equipment, potion, etc.

Grid file
Players can be harmed when the grid is successful
The grid rate can be obtained through shields, long sticks, or double-armed weapons.
Talent can strengthen the grid rate, but different types of grids need to be added through different talents.
In the unspecified condition, the grid rate displayed on the equipment is the attack grid rate, which can be increased or converted to the spell grid rate through talent and legendary equipment.
There is a certain animation time for each player’s grid file, similar to the stiffness time after the grid file. This time can be used to reduce the sterling time (including the grid stun recovery %) by the grid file to reduce this stiffness time.
Grid response calculation (milliseconds):
Grid time = 350 / ( 1 + grid reply %)