Albion Online Is Ditching The Free Model: Why Is Free

It’s said to that most games start as pay-to-play and then go free-to-play. Arguably, for start free-to-play and then ditch that and go pay-to-play, it’s quite rarely. However, speaking of Sandbox Interactive, it have been doing someting in the other way around. In addition to this, even quiting any free-to-play models, what is the real […]

The NBA 2KVR Experience Trailer And Trophies Have Been Released

Days ago, the trophy list for NBA 2KVR Experience has been leaked out by Exophase( (via Pasta Padre). The list has not be announced by 2K Sports now, but there is the game trailer we can learn. Still, this would be the first licensed sports video game to make a dedicated VR offering. After NBA […]

Albion Online Commentary: Looking for Review From Anyone

Albion Online is a PC game with cross-platform support, obviously, PC is being the main device that it’s intended to be played on. Meanwhile, which is an MMORPG gameplay, and it’s being held back as well as optimized for mobile phones, you are presumably imagine the worst combat and gameplay. In order to avoid and don’t waste any […]

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 1.2.6 APK Download, Latest Update Available With New Players

In case you’re huge fan of NBA, it’s highly likely that you’ve already totally NBA LIVE Mobile game on your own Android smartphone or tablet. Today, a brand new update for that game may be released, along with the app is renamed as NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball. The improved game enables you to build your […]

NBA2K17 Game Is More Attract Games Fans: Added New Features And Team Expansion

In order to satisfy players requirements, NBA2K17 soon to be come, Visual Concepts have thought of adding expansion features to the game is attract more players fans. Actually, some Source said: Gamers of MyGM and MyLeague creat new teams through the expansion features is totally possible to come true. Meanwhile, it’s extremely define that players […]

NBA2K17 News Updated: Its Soundtrack Accomplished

NBA 2K17 releases for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 20. You can play the game four days early by pre-ordering the game. You also get some digital content such as virtual currency. Meanwhile, 2K sports announced the soundtrack for this year’s professional basketball, NBA2K17. Whereas people like LeBron James and […]

‘NBA 2K17’ News: Player Ratings was Announced, Stephen Curry & LeBron James Get an Upgrade

“NBA 2K17” player ratings will be release quickly. On basis of their performance on earlier season and playoffs, fanatic fans are pleased to see an upgrade in players’ ratings. In the previous year, Stephen Curry got only a 92 even he won the MVP awards. Leading the Golden State Warriors into 73 wins in a […]