New Trailer and Screenshots of ‘NBA 2K17’

Hello, everyone! please attention to our first trailer for NBA2K17. It emphasis in Rio for the Olympics this year, Men’s National Team matchup Dream Team from the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

The following look at the trailer sreenshot:

Updated Facial Renders

Robinson, Ewing and Carmelo Anthony all have more accurate facial renders.



They weren’t grotesque in NBA 2K16, but it’s always nice when a sports game makes visual improvements on this generation of consoles.

Photo-Realistic Coach Renders

Mike Krzyzewski has what might be the most accurate render any coach has had in the NBA 2K series. We know he was captured with the full photo rig, but we don’t know if the coaches in the league were.



Hopefully, we’ll see photo-realistic versions of the NBA’s 30 current head coaches.

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In this trailer it appears that Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, David Robinson and Charles Barkley all have distinguishable physical traits that set them apart.

As you can see from the image above, KD is appropriately thin. Perhaps a little less obvious, but cool all the same, is the difference in arm length.

Take a look at how far Charles Barkley’s arms extend when compared to the more lanky Scottie Pippen:

If you want to know more information , first of all, look at the trailer.