‘NBA 2K17’ News: Player Ratings was Announced, Stephen Curry & LeBron James Get an Upgrade

“NBA 2K17” player ratings will be release quickly. On basis of their performance on earlier season and playoffs, fanatic fans are pleased to see an upgrade in players’ ratings.


In the previous year, Stephen Curry got only a 92 even he won the MVP awards. Leading the Golden State Warriors into 73 wins in a season, he has turned the team into public esteem after 40 years. He won the Kia MVP award with a unanimous vote, the first player to ever do so, according to NBA.

Bob Myers, the Golden State Warriors’ general manager, believes that Curry is a “dream.” The MVP has no air of superstardom even outside the court. According to Steve Kerr, the Warriors’ coach, Curry’s motivation to get better each season is simply to get better. Not to get more sponsors or endorsements, or to win another MVP title. He simply wants to get better. Now, that should get a rating upgrade for “NBA 2K17”!

“NBA 2K16” saw LeBron James with a rating of 94, a drop from 98 in NBA 2K15. In the last season, James led the Cleveland Cavaliers into winning the Game 7. In The Finals, James won his third Finals MVP with 29.7 points per game, 11.3 rebounds, 8.9 assists, 2.6 steals and 2.3 blocks.

Rich Paul, James’ agent from Cleveland, said that the NBA star has a “we” mindset. He is always conscious that kids are watching him, imitating his moves inside the court. James played for Cleveland on Father’s Day, like he never played before which obviously deserves a “NBA 2K17” player rating upgrade.

Rookie of the Year, Karl-Anthony Towns, scored 78 with an 18.3 average points per game. Kristaps Porzing is, who got a rating of 74, came in second after Towns.

In the last season, porzing is bagged 14.3 points per game, These rookies definitely need to get a higher “NBA 2K17” player rating as well.