Mu Legend: Some Days The Rift Will Be Stronger Than Normal

Mu Legend had a choice of 4 playable characters to choose from: Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage and Whisperer, the 5th character isn’t unlocked yet in the CBT. The Dark Lord is a knight that possesses great power, the Whisperer is a master of stealth and uses a bow, the Blader is a fierce warrior born from rage and the will to protect, and the War Mage uses elemental spells to bring destruction to the battlefield.


It becomes the player’s job as the leader of the Devias Knights to accompany Icarus on his journey to stop Kundun once and for all and bring an end to the devastation wreaking havoc on the world. Players will need to enter the Rift where they can fight against monsters and help Icarus, each entry presenting new challenges, areas, and creatures to experience.

Some days the Rift will be stronger than normal, giving players the chance to reap even greater rewards. As players level even more areas to test their skills will become available, like the Endless Tower, the Altar of Spirits, and Lupa’s Labyrinth. Guilds, Arenas, and more also await eager Devias Knights looking for an even greater experience, so players will have a variety of different systems to enjoy.

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