Mu Legend: Nice Looking Areas And Simple Crafting Syste

Mu Legend is an enjoyable gameplay, the soul levels and enchanting system, that’s why Mu Legend is popular with different countries. Since there are nice looking areas and bad looking ones in the game. Even if some graphics looking a little bad, anyway, overall is quite nice. As a Unreal Engine 3 game, it’s safe to say that Mu Legend is no doubt successful. To learn more Mu Legend informations, please visit the following link:


MU Legend’s crafting system seems rather simple just break down all of the equipment you come across the game and craft new gear around your level. There is also an enchanting system where players can upgrade their gear. In a word, if you want to enjoy so exhilarating gaming experience, you need now to make preparation such as buy some necessary Mu Legend Zen.

MU Legend will use the final months to fine tune new features being added into the game, including the trading NPC, 3v3 battles, and more. If you live in South Korea, you’re already playing Mu Legend as the game has already launched there. According to Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at Webzen, our teams have poured years of hard work into MU Legend, and it’s such a major milestone for everybody to finally reach OBT.

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