Let’s You Complete Control Of The League, NBA 2K17 Can

NBA 2K17 is ready to the release, we awaiting drastic the basketball video game, we are extremely excited. Today, we are trained NBA 2K17’s features , which is called league expansion.

The feature was announced by SimBaller on 2K’s blog and he revealed that its sole purpose is to offer you complete control of your league. So if you are to play MyGM or MyLeague, you can pick a league and the number of teams involved. League Expansion gives it an extra touch by allowing you to add more teams into the league at any given time, off-season.

Just thought of positive aspect, we can’t wait any moment ,we want to try it right now . Another angles, we are still concentrate on the playing experience when we are playing the NBA 2K17, we want to recognizing games , that is biggest change . then, we made any decisions influence our story.