Making WOW Classic Gold By Professions Transmutes

Transmutes require a Philosopher’s Stone and have a cooldown of 2 days. Items produced from transmutation are very valuable and usually highly needed. A good example of this is Arcanite Bar which is needed by Blacksmiths to make some items and Mercurial Stone which is needed by Jewelcrafters to produce Mercurial Adamantite for some of their higher level items. Before you start transmuting check your current markets needs or simply post in the main cities trade channel something like, “WTS Arcanite Transmute 3g with your mats!” The 3 WOW Classic gold is simply a tip, you will be burning a 2 day cool down so when you transmute make sure there is profit to be made.


Another strategy is to just buy or find the materials and transmute a valuable item yourself and as long as it is not BoP place it in the auction house and see what happens. We have been able to easily sell an Arcanite Bar for 30 WOW Classic gold on more than one occasion. The high-value items that transmutation yields are why some players pick up Alchemy because you can also transmute lower selling items to higher profit items like Essence of Air to Essence of Fire or even transmute primal in the same way and save yourself some mote farming which we will be discussing later in the farming chapter.